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By far the most dominant merchant cash advance option is to reject the new data as incongruous with our "theory of every thing". The new information could not possibly be correct, other wise it would fit into our personal theory, "You must be wrong otherwise we would not be arguing!" A fundamental truth is reordering our personal merchant cash advance "theory of everything" causes considerable anxiety. For a great share of the population, having a comprehensive view of the Merchant Cash Advance universe, which merchant cash advance accounts for all the observed data, is much less important than being at peace. Rejection of new data is a much-preferred option to the intellectual rigor of forming a new "theory of everything" and enduring the emotional distress of the task of merchant cash advance reformulation. Psychological experiments support the notion most people prefer to be on the firmness of the ship’s deck even though in just a few hours the Titanic will sink.

Merchant Cash advance funding is typically available within a week of submitting the application. Technology is simple enough to understand. Great bodies of knowledge exist in every field. Significant study, experiment, and refinement have moved every expertise far forward. The twentieth century was the age of enlightenment. Yet, it seems to be the age of greatest superstition. The resistance to productive merchant cash advance improvement is the subject of its own study, experiment, and refinement. Steady research into the process of Merchant Cash Advance Industry provide some illumination.

Merchant Cash advance funding is typically available within a week of submitting the application. At the core of the acceptance and integration of new work methods is a theory of dissonance postulated by Leon Festinger in 1957. In his Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, he shows by experiment that new information and new ideas cause cognitive dissonance in individual minds. The serene position is consonance where all is tranquil, when all data fits the personal "theory of everything." Cognitive dissonance raises anxiety and other disturbing emotions. People will work obsessively to reduce dissonance and restore consonance. Perhaps an individual’s tolerance of dissonance relates to McGregor’s X and Y theories.

The naïve notion is merchant cash advance management can introduce all the Lean Six Sigma concepts then the work force will stand up and cheer like the French when the Allies liberated Paris. The real world situation is methods such as: Measure Define Analyze Improve and Control (DMAIC); Visual Factory; Kaizen; Kanban; Poke Yoke; and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) introduce significant merchant cash advance dissonance. Management has disrupted all the individual workers’ "theory of everything". Substantial rebellion; some overt; some covert; and all real; will result from the dissonance. This rebellion will have a considerable impact on the effectiveness of merchant cash advance teams and Kaizen. For Lean Six Sigma to work, we all need to understand the Festinger Theory of Cognitive Dissonance effect. Understanding this psychological phenomenon will allow us to formulate strategies for successfully overcoming the rebellion.

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