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Merchant Cash in Advance: Do you feel like you have the pedal to the medal with your business, spending all you can on advertising but still can't get the growth of your business into the fast lane? The fact is, if you do not have a Merchant Cash Advance Service, it may not matter how much you spend on advertising.

A business without a Merchant Cash Advance option is like a car in neutral isn't going anywhere (no matter how much gas you give it) until a Merchant Cash Advance is introduced, your business isn't going anywhere until your cash flow is engaged.

What does engage business with a Merchant Cash Advance mean? Here are three definitions you might find in a dictionary:

1. To attract someone's attention
2. To establish a meaningful contact
3. To move into position so as to come into operation

Combine the three of them and it provides a pretty good working definition for engaging your business with a Merchant Cash Advance:

Attract more customers with the funds from your Merchant Cash Advance with the intent to establish a meaningful relationship and move them into position to help your business grow through Merchant Cash Advancing your funds.

Without worrying too much right now about how to setup your Merchant Cash Advance (we'll get to that) lets propose multiple levels of possible Merchant Cash Advance engagement as represented by this model.

At the base of the pyramid is your total available cash with a Merchant Cash Advance. That is, all of the potential customers in the world. They have potential, but at least at this point no level of engagement with you or your Merchant Cash Advance provider.

Just beyond a Business Loan is just a Merchant Cash Advance. For most companies this is the height of their ambition. Get a Merchant Cash Advance, book the profit and move on by growing your business.

This is a level that in general assumes that your Merchant Cash Advance has been pleasing enough with their first purchase to be willing to come back and Merchant Cash Advance Fund their business again.

For you as a business owner, a Merchant Cash Advance option is all the more reason for success. Merchant Cash Advances allow you to serve repeat customers for less because you don't have to pay to acquire them and they are less expensive to serve in most cases because they are already familiar with you and your operation. With a Merchant Cash Advance, it allows you to have more customers you can get to buy, thus the more profitable you will be.

At the top level of your Merchant Cash Advance your customers are so pleased with your offerings they can't be stopped from telling others. They become co-promoters of your business, which is the most powerful sales force willing to tell both perfect strangers and best friends how wonderful your company is. Merchant Cash Advances make your consumers in general become ever more jaded and less trusting of traditional advertising, the growth of your company will be largely dependent on how many of your customers become promoters by having a Merchant Cash Advance option.

Having described the model, let me hasten to add that I know it is oversimplified. Not all customers will move through each level. Some will become promoters without ever providing feedback. Some will provide feedback and then go away and never return. Despite its simplicity, I believe the model can be helpful in understanding the concept that customers can become much more valuable to a business than just the value of the purchases that they make. Consider the following:

Merchant Cash Advances enhance the chances you have to cross over into positive returns. If the customer returns to buy again and again your profit from that customer will increase even more.

As the curve of the Merchant Cash Advance continues into the higher levels of engagement, Giving Feedback and Telling others, its slope becomes even steeper indicating that significantly higher returns are possible. Two reasons for this:

1) Your Merchant Cash Advance makes additional costs required to move customers into these levels relatively small.
2) Your Merchant Cash Advance makes the potential returns have a built in multiplier effect—that is, one customer's actions can influence many other customers.

In conclusion, a Merchant Cash Advance will help you improve your offering, they'll actively promote your product, Merchant Cash Advances improve your bottom line, and, to a large extent, Merchant Cash Advances will determine how fast your business will grow.

As you consider the growth of your business, look not only at how many Merchant Cash Advance Companies there are out there, but also consider how you can engage your business through Merchant Cash Advancing.

Start the growth of your business with a Merchant Cash Advance with a specialist at 877-898-7303.

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